Born of the love of women for women

My name is Marita and thank you for being here. I invite you to get to know my brand, which I create for women like you and me — women who want to take care of their beauty, health, fitness, and well-being, for ourselves and the people we love.

ALLDEYNN - to strengthen your body and bring out its radiance

I am extremely proud to be able to share with you the result of collaboration with specialists who are leaders in the Polish supplements market, but above all, they are my long-time, trusted friends. Together, we have created products that I can give to my mom, grandmother, and recommend to you.

Over the years of working on my figure, I was accompanied by hundreds of thousands of women who observed my progress and stumbles, sharing their observations. This is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me - thanks to this, I got to know you better, your stories and needs. Based on these experiences, we created ALLDEYNN, the benefits of which you inform me about every day.

What drives us?
Some words about our mission

What drives us? A few words about our mission

Our mission is to offer women supplements and nutricosmetics that will help them take care of their health, beauty, and well-being. We do not sell empty promises, We are a brand created for women by a woman who knows what she needs and reaches for it.

For myself and for you, I underwent a transformation and changed my life, also thanks to my commitment to sports and healthy eating. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of my business partners, we have created products that are safe, effective, and based on the best patented ingredients.

Our goal is not just sales - we want to inspire, motivate, and show you how to feel greater satisfaction with being yourself.

What sets us apart - our values


You know me, you know what I do and what I do every day, you know what is important to me. At any moment, you can ask me a question and talk to me.


I take care of myself every day because appearance matters. I am active, I train, and I also want to strive for more in this matter. I know how to support your beauty, fitness, and well-being.


Changes are necessary and they are the decisive factor in development. I am constantly working on my brand, which also changes us. Let's together search for a better version of ourselves.


The fact that I am here is not a matter of coincidence. We love what we do and we do it with dedication. I work with a team of people who share a passion and we want to share it.

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